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Starstruck - Book Three (Starstruck, #3) Gemma Brooks

Starstruck - Book Three (Starstruck, #3)

Gemma Brooks

Kindle Edition
99 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

*PART THREE OF FOUR IN THE STARSTRUCK SERIES*Just when the dust is about to settle and things are finally falling into place, the floor falls out from beneath me. Hudson’s ex, actress Ava Fox, is still madly in love in him, and scheming and resourceful don’t even begin to describe her. She’ll stop at nothing to come between us and take back the one thing she believes is rightfully hers.With her crazy antics, it’s easy to write Ava off as pathetic. Desperate. Even psychotic. All she wants is for Hudson to keep his promises, she said, and in the pit of my stomach I can’t help but wonder if they’re the very same ones he made to me.AUTHORS NOTE - Contains mature content and sexual depictions. Not intended for younger readers. This novella is part three in the Starstruck series. Each installment contains a beginning/middle/end/story arc as well as a cliffhanger linking it to the next installment.