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Red Hat Linux 7.1 Bible Christopher Negus

Red Hat Linux 7.1 Bible

Christopher Negus

ISBN : 9780764548208
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 About the Book 

Whether youre a Linux newbie looking for goof-proof installation tips or a Red Hat veteran who wants the scoop on the latest networking, desktop, and server enhancements, this authoritative guide delivers all the information you need to make the most of Red Hat Linux 7.1. From customizing a desktop system to troubleshooting a network or setting up a Web server, its the only reference youll ever need to become a Red Hat Linux pro. Inside, youll find complete coverage of Red Hat Linux* Take advantage of expert tips for fast, painless installation* Learn your way around the Linux shell, file system, and X Window system* Master Linux administration, from automating system tasks to locking in security* Discover how easy it is to set up a LAN and connect to the Internet* Find expert help on tracking down and fixing typical network problems* Get the scoop on configuring servers, from Web and print servers to e-mail and FTP serversRed Hat Linux 7.1 on three CD-ROMs* GNOME and KDE* Apache Web Server* New Linux 2.4 kernel* Plus networking tools, Internet applications, text editors, graphics software, UNIX utilities, and much moreUnlimited Edition www.unltded.com* Read or download all-new chapters and articles* Access a searchable online version of the bookSite content available only to owners of this book. See the last page for details. www.hungryminds.com System Requirements: Intel 486-compatible or higher PC with CD-ROM drive. A minimum of 800MB free hard drive space (2.4GB recommended). At least 16MB RAM (32MB recommended).