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Daytime Dating: Never Sleep Alone Jeremy Soul

Daytime Dating: Never Sleep Alone

Jeremy Soul

Published October 18th 2010
ISBN : 9783941579712
252 pages
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 About the Book 

That beautiful woman sitting across from you on the subway during your morning commute to work, the brunette in the short skirt and high heels walking down the street passing you by, and the cute professional blonde that you occasionally see at your local grocery store... in each instance, you admire her from a distance. Perhaps theres brief eye contact and a quick smile. For a split second, theres a spark of possibility in your mind and your heart beats a little faster. But just as quickly as it came, the moment passes and she walks away. Contrary to what most guys think, meeting women during the daytime is one of the best and easiest things that you can do, especially if you dont enjoy going to loud clubs or bars full of drunken people, have a busy work schedule, travel a lot or just much prefer meeting women during the day. Jeremy Soul, a Love Systems Hall of Fame senior instructor, focuses specifically on meeting women during the day. Through his thousands of approaches, phone numbers and dates in places such as busy sidewalks, the shopping mall, the grocery store, the airport, the gym or even on the subway, Jeremy has broken down his system and shares the wealth of knowledge and experience that he has gained through the years. Inside, you will find: What is the best way to approach a woman during the day? Dont women get creeped out by being hit on during the daytime? What should I talk to her about... does it matter what I say? How do I go about setting up a date/meeting up later? And much more. Dont make the mistake of thinking that you can only meet women during the night time!