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Round-Up: A Gathering of Equine Writings Tom Moates

Round-Up: A Gathering of Equine Writings

Tom Moates

Published July 1st 2011
ISBN : 9780984585021
168 pages
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 About the Book 

Renowned for his inquisitive nature and unconventional approach to the pursuit of exceptional horse-based stories, Moates is a leading equestrian magazine journalist with more than 350 published articles to his credit. His previous books, Discovering Natural Horsemanship, A Horse s Thought, and Between the Reins, chronicle his earnest attempts to improve his horsemanship skills, often with the tolerant guidance of celebrated clinician, Harry Whitney, of Salome, Arizona. In a recent issue, Western Horseman magazine said of his earlier titles: A skilled storyteller and gifted writer, Moatess ongoing contributions to the equestrian literary canon make for inspiring reading.Round-Up: A Gathering of Equine Writings compiles 20 of Moates s most notable articles and essays. The majority of the stories originally ran in magazines such as America s Horse, The American Quarter Horse Journal, Eclectic-Horseman, Equus, and Western Horseman.In the foreword contributed by A. J. Mangum (creator of The Frontier Project video documentary series and editor of Ranch and Reata magazine) the collection is summed up: Tom shares his pursuit of answers with a brand of journalism fueled by an intellectual curiosity his peers in the equestrian media would be wise to emulate, providing in the end a wisdom forged by observations, impressions and firsthand experiences. Remarkable horses and horse folk alike from a wide spectrum of experiences are profiled in this compilation. From horseback adventures measured in the thousands of miles by such people as novelist, Douglas Preston, and Olympic medalist, David O Connor, to behind-the-scenes profiles of horses such as Joe, a beloved and long time Professional Bull Riders pick up horse, the collection is filled with unique stories of ranch women, Texas day work cowboys, Hollywood horse wranglers, and a veterinarian pioneering innovative wound healing technology Round-Up: A Gathering of Equine Writings is sure to satisfy the heart of any horse lover.